Riding Lessons

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Horse riding is a lifetime of learning, each ride is different, even on the same horse. 


At Ethereal Equestrian we teach our "4 P's of Ponies":

  • Passion - Horse riding comes from the heart, if your not enjoying it, your horse knows! 

  • Patience - Be a calm, quiet rider.  Horses respond better to praise not punishment.

  • Practice - This is a lifetime sport, there is no rush.  Saddle time is key to improving.

  • Perseverance - Everybody has good and bad rides.  Don't give up!

We cater for beginner to advanced riders in all disciplines and specialise in show jumping.  Our instructors are all active competitors.

Lessons are conducted in 1 hour blocks of approx 50 mins riding and 10 mins tack up/down time.  We encourage riders to come 15 mins earlier that their lesson to groom and tack up their horse which promotes bonding prior to the class.

We currently have two competition teams that students can be selected for to compete in show jumping on our horses.

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